How to Clone Mushrooms

How to Clone Mushrooms

As a keen mycologist you have recently got into growing mushrooms you may have read about or heard of cloning mushrooms.

If thats true, you might be searching for “How to Clone Mushrooms“. Well i’m here to teach you how.

Cloning mushrooms is fast and easy. You could have new fruits within a month but to clone, you’ll need a some great quality fruits that you can start with. You can easily get started a mushroom from the superstore, but thats like with a new batch by cloning them on a petri dish using agar.

Agar, wether cloning or using spore syringes is my go to mushroom growing method. It’s easy, reduces the time wasted on contaminations and it’s quick!

  1. In a clean, sterile environment slice the mushroom fruit in half.
  2. Remove a piece of the central core of the mushroom.
  3. Drop it onto a agar filled petri dish and seal it up.
  4. It normally take 10 – 14 days to see the first signs of growth.

If you’ve successfully cultivated some mycelium on agar, it’s time to move to the next stage.

I have a number of how to guides on mushrooms including, the best mushroom spawn teks and the best bulk substrate teks.

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